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Linda Krause - Lead Decorator for Stage in Style, LLC, provides a rich diversity of services with personal attention, practicality and innovation. Linda's experience ranges from decorating model homes by creating unique and elegant spaces, providing insight into today's buyer's mind through staging of investment properties, to advising families on décor that fit their lifestyle in their homes. Whether it is problem areas, unusual space, blending of existing furniture or the design aspects of your custom estate, Linda's advice will help you "Make an Impact".

A message from the owner...

A Licensed Realtor with Red Brick Realty, I began staging my listings in 2006 as the Phoenix area real estate market started to stall. It was difficult to sell homes, let alone vacant homes or homes not in tip-top shape. Looking for a competitive edge and solutions, I discovered the amazing results staging brought to my business. I only wished I had discovered it earlier in my career. I found staging is beneficial from $150K condos to multi-million dollar homes. In fact, some of the best results are from the $150-350K price range because so few homes are staged at that price. I found we were attracting higher quality buyers and our "days on market" went down significantly. We found we were selling quickly and getting "neighborhood highs" in every market. It transformed my business. Initially we just staged my investors homes and my own fix-n-flips but the results and demand from agents showing our properties urged us to reach out to other real estate professionals to help them and their sellers be successful too. We set out to be different.

Our staging goes further than most with window dressings, if necessary, and a real "decorated" feel, not just a bistro set and a silk plant in the corner. On the interior decorating side, we don't charge a particular percentage of what we sell you. You customize what you need from advice to a full blown personal shopper. Stage in Style is as involved as you need them to be. How can we best serve you? Give us a call...

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