Staging defined - Simply put, staging is showcasing a home to look it's absolute best, to maximize the positive and minimize the negative aspects of the home, to show possibilities and to emotionally "grab" a potential buyer.

Why should I stage?

A properly staged home will sell for more than a home that is not staged.

A staged home sells faster, which results in less holding costs, headaches and surprises.

Most buyers have a difficult time visualizing. The saying "there's no imagination in the resale market" is common and shows how important it is to stage. Don't list a vacant home without staging.

Good first impressions - You typically have 15-30 seconds to make a first impression when a buyer walks through the door. There's no better way to do it than to have your home look like a model.

The cost of staging is much less than your first price reduction.

For a buyer, finding the right home is a "process of elimination" not a "process of selection". With many choices out there, sellers have to find a way to "stand out". Staging gives you "staying power" in a buyer's mind.

Don't mess around with "days on market". According to the National Association of Realtors, studies show homes sold in the first 30 days of listing sold for 6% more than homes sold after being on the market for over 30 days. The longer you take the less you make, especially in a declining market.

The cost of staging a home to sell may be tax deductable (consult your tax professional).






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